When it comes to battling addiction people find that they have become big fans of the 12-step program. This is something that a lot of people are interested in because they have seen how well that works down through the years. Anyone that may have struggled with fighting addiction will find that a 12-step program is typically what is needed to break pass the demons that people face.

Oddly, there are lots of people that struggle with step 12 because this is where they need to have a spiritual awakening when it comes to what they need to do next. They have to become something of an evangelist that goes on to tell people about their recovery. When they get to step 12 they are all about helping others that have been through addiction.

It can be difficult for people that have been anonymous about their addictions to come forth and reveal these issue to others. This can be something that really makes it difficult because step 12 takes a person totally out of their comfort zone. People that have been able to go to meetings and not think about what others are thinking of them will find themselves wondering what people will think when they discover that they are alcoholics.

So many people that are interested in getting help for their addiction will discover that there are people that can help because they have been through the same thing. This is really what step 12 is about. It is a way for people that have recovered to help those that may just be in the early stages of recovery.

There are so many people that struggle with addiction, but they may not want to get help. It may be difficult for them to really make their issues known. This is why it is going to be so much better for people to consider the benefits of helping others.

The irony is that some people that are just trying to get to the first step may never actually have any desire to sign up if they had never heard from the person that is in the last step. It is something like a chain link fence. In order for the chain of breaking addiction to continue someone has to step up in step 12 and do the work it takes to help those that have not come to grips with their addiction.

When this happens a lot of positive things can occur. People can finally get started with getting the help that they need, and the person that is at step 12 will be able to have a better chance of staying away from the addiction that they got wrapped up in.

When they have to go out and tell others that they are addicts it forms a type of witness connection where people are less likely to fall back into addiction. They feel like they must they sober for the sake of the person they are trying to help.


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