Seek Professional Help

If you have an addiction to alcohol, then you must seek help. Contact rehabilitation facilities to talk to counselors to understand what type of treatment you need. For detoxification, you must stay in a residential treatment center for several days, and for rehabilitation, you can choose between inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Contact Insurance Companies

When you are concerned about paying for your alcohol addiction treatment, check with your health insurance company to determine if you have adequate coverage for detoxification or rehabilitation. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, then there are ways to pay for treatment, including financing or applying for scholarships.

Get Emotional Support

While you are researching your options, get your personal affairs in order by finding help for your young children or by requesting vacation days from work. This is a good time to talk to your relatives and friends about emotional support during the alcohol addiction recovery process.

Contact Alcoholic Anonymous

You should also contact local support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. This support group is free, and the individuals who attend the meetings understand what you are going through. The individuals who attend AA can provide a lot of support, including talking to you when you are tempted to begin drinking again.

Choose a Facility

Look for a treatment center that meets your individualized needs such as a gender-specific facility or a place that offers spiritual counseling methods. Before entering a residential facility or beginning outpatient therapy, you must get rid of all of the alcoholic beverages in your home and other locations that you visit. Make sure to throw away other items such as medications or foods that contain alcohol.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

When you are preparing to enter an alcohol addiction program, make a written list of the reasons for changing your life. You should discuss your alcoholism with your friends, relatives or coworkers to help you understand how your addiction is affecting others. Reduce your alcohol consumption on your own before professional treatment begins.

Avoid Old Friends

Stop hanging out with your drinking buddies, and don’t go to bars, restaurants or parties where there is alcohol. Giving up the lifelong friends who are your drinking companions isn’t easy, but you will find new friends at AA meetings. Remember that you won’t be able to associate with anyone who drinks alcohol during or after your rehabilitation.